Celebrity Body Transformations: Top 5 List

Celebrity Body Transformations: Top 5 List

Many celebrities have gone through dramatic body transformations. Weight loss is the most common; getting buff or muscular is a relative second.

There are many ways to lose weight, get toned, and buff. So, discounting surgery, such as gastric bypass, here is the New Fat Loss 4 Idiots top five list of celebrity body transformations:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Loss

“Flabby” to “Fashionista”

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jennifer had invaded almost all types of media entertainment formats. It seemed so easy for her to be recognized in any endeavor she had done. She became a teen idol in the TV series, Party of Five, and later, solidified her teen hotness aura in the cult movie hit, “Can’t Hardly Wait”.

She was also a successful recording artist. Soon, she turned into a drool-worthy-slasher-movie-damsel-in-distress in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, and then became the “Ghost Whisperer” in another popular TV series.

Men would often notice her killer curves while being skinny – a combination that many women would die for. But there had come a time that she gained lots of weight due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition brought about by her hectic schedule.  She ballooned up.

In time, enough is enough for Jennifer. She took charge of her lifestyle to get her hot body back. And sure she did!


Gerard Butler Before and After

4. Gerard Butler


After the smashing success of the movie 300, Gerard Butler came into consciousness as the hunky Spartan leader Leonidas who kicked Persian ass. He is now a well-sought after actor for various leading roles that needed some dose of manliness.

The 300 Spartans are like Chippendale members that handle swords and bucklers with very well choreographed battle transformations. They have chiseled chests and their abdominal muscles are more difficult to count than the number of Persians they fought against.

Butler was not always that muscular and fit-looking. Yet, he needed to fit the role and excel. Nevertheless — as proven by his physique — weight training, nutrition, and discipline can really do wonders.



Renee Zellweger Weight Loss

3. Renee Zellweger

I am not really sure if I should include Ms. Zellweger in this list because it really seemed easy for her to gain immense weight and lose it just as easily. Well, then again, that is maybe the exact reason why she is on this list. She nailed weight control down to science.

She made two Bridget Jones movies and Renee needed to gain amazing amounts of fat for the character. Unlike in the case of Gerard Butler in which the film imposed an improvement on body appearance, Bridget Jones movies demanded Renee to downgrade on aesthetics and upgrade on fat.

Many women would hate to see their slim bodies change for the worse but not Rene Zellweger. For the sake of art, she ate and ate to play the role. After the movie, accolades were deservingly given to her, and to the public’s surprise, Renee was back to her slender self in no time.

A sequel was made and she was forced to become fat again, and after the movie, guess what?

Yeah, once again, she slimmed down without evident effort.


Taylor Lautner Before and After

2. Taylor Lautner


Taylor Lautner was your typical skinny kid. In my opinion, there was nothing really going for him. Then, came along the Twilight movie franchise.

He is set to play Jacob Black, a werewolf. Part one was uneventful for the youngster but the part two of the franchise was the point where Taylor Lautner took center stage. The movie flaunted his incredible body transformation (not the werewolf kind).

He became buff and formidable. All women, young and old, were drooling for his sixpack and muscular physique.


Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

1. Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson’s break started in American Idol. She lost that season but it did not stop her from becoming a huge star. Her loss might have been the best thing that happened to her because after the American Idol stint, she landed noticeable movie roles and made some hit singles.

Despite the death of a family member, success must have been so inspiring for Ms. Hudson, that she made an effort to lose weight the healthy way. She had always been a heavy weight but now, look at her, she transformed into a beautiful woman with the same talents that catapulted her to stardom.

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